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Black Galaxy Granite

Black Galaxy Granite

Black galaxy granite is a gorgeous natural stone, with an appearance of galaxy. It has small gold or silver flecks on the black background, just like stars shining brightly in the dark of night. This granite is provided in three forms based on the size of flecks/specks, that include large grained, medium grained and small grained. We provide this granite in slab, cut to size, tiles and many other formats. The customers can choose any format based on their application requirement, which could be countertops, flooring, featured walls, backsplashes, cladding or stair steps and treads. Black galaxy granite is available in different surface finishes, from flamed, honed, leather and brushed.

Used as:

  • Construction stones
  • Background for carvings and lettering
  • Background for carvings and lettering
  • Building slabs
  • Tiles (wall and floor)
  • Surface plates
  • Monuments
  • Kitchen Top Counters
  • Memorials
  • Vases and Furniture


  • Hardness and toughness
  • Ability to withstand weathering for centuries
  • Ability to be polished to a glossy finish
  • Elegance & Versatility
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Maintenance free
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Amenability to cutting
  • Ability to yield thin and large slabs


Standard Dimensions

Random slabs in thickness of 2 cm & 3 cm

9"x5" and 9"x26"

Polished, Calibrated & Beveled Tiles

12"x12"x3/8" and 12"x24"x1/2"

Cut-to-size tiles in thickness of 2 cm & 3 cm

12" x 12" / 12" x 16" / 18" x 18" / 24" x 24"

Polished In-line Countertops

26" x 84", 96", 108"

Polished Island Countertops

48" x 84", 96"

MOQ: 1 Container
Price Range: 10 $ To 110 $ Per SQ Meter (Of All Category)
Delivery Time: 15-20 Days Supply
Ability: 30-35 Container Per Month
China White Granite: Cash In Advance