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Granite is a solid, igneous rock developed from magma. It is mainly composed of Feldspar(45%), Quartz(35%), & Potassium. It is available in a variety of colors from pink to dark gray and even black as per the chemistry as well as mineralogy. Our country develops more than 110 ranges of granite.


A metamorphic rock, Marble is formed from the limestone crystallization. It is primarily composed of calcite (a crystal form of calcium carbonate, CaCO3). This is generally heavily veined. In addition, it shows a range of grains. Since early times, it has been used for sculptures.


The sandstone includes a vast range of spectrum of colors such as Brown, Cherry, Pink, Multi Color, Beige, and Sandy Yellow. This is accessible in varied sizes & shapes including Cobbles, Slabs, Tiles, Pebbles and a huge diversity of Handcrafted Building decorative Stones.


India is counted among the countries in the world offering a broad range of slate stones. Slate mines are available in north as well as southern part of India. This is a dense metamorphic rock include primarily of silica as well as alumina. It is also used at large scales in the development of buildings, flooring, roofing as well as wall cladding.